Tunisian Crochet Hooks

As with many crafts, there is always some sort of tool or implement that we need to use in order to make things happen!

In Tunisian Crochet, a particular crochet hook is required. It’s appearance is similar to that of a regular crochet hook and knitting needle and is most obvious when you look at the straight Tunisian Crochet hook. They are much longer than a crochet hook and have an elongated hook at one end but also a stopper at the other. When we look at a knitting needle, it has a point at one end and a stopper at the other.

Straight Tunisian crochet hooks.

There are also extendable and interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks for the much larger projects. This type of hook can have either a fixed cable or a cable that can be attached at one end. Either type, would have a stopper which would prevent the loops on the hook from falling off. In comparison, the main part of this hook tends to be shorter than the straight Tunisian crochet hooks.

I have been doing Tunisian crochet for many years and my preference would be to use the Tunisian crochet hook with a fixed cable. I use mine for all my projects whether it be large or small but like any crafter, we all have our preferences.

Tunisian crochet hooks with a fixed cable.

There are also double-ended or circular Tunisian crochet hooks when your project requires you to work in the round.

I suppose we could say that, Tunisian crochet is knitting and crochet combined. We keep loops on the hook as we would with knitting and we work the stitches using the hook as we would with crochet.

Oh and I forgot to say! I also have a Jumbo Tunisian crochet hook which is 50mm in size. However, I have yet to complete a project with it but the possibilities are endless!!!