Tunisian Crochet – working the ‘Twisted Simple Stitch’ (TWSS)

The Tunisian Crochet 'twisted simple stitch' is a nice variation on the simple stitch. Unlike the simple stitch, the twisted simple stitch doesn't curl when working. As a result, your left with a nice and flat piece of work. As with all stitches in Tunisian Crochet, we begin with creating a 'foundation row'. Once complete,… Continue reading Tunisian Crochet – working the ‘Twisted Simple Stitch’ (TWSS)


Flat Lay Photography

I have always been interested in photography and especially enjoy taking pictures of my work that I have created. Last year I discovered a new type of photography called Flat Lay. In order to take a Flat Lay photo, you need to have an object which is the main focus among other objects and lay… Continue reading Flat Lay Photography