International Diploma in Crochet – Part 1

Hello! I hope you are well! I’m sorry I haven’t written a blog post for over a year but the good news is, I’ve been so busy with magazine submissions that my hooks haven’t stopped!

So, the title of this blog post is ‘International Diploma In Crochet – Part 1’

Now let me tell you something! I had enrolled to do the International Diploma In Crochet – Part 1, way back in 2019 but life seemed to have got in the way! I haven’t even sent off one single sample! Well, that’s all about to change! I have made a start and my hooks have been busy trying to do as many samples as I can to submit for marking. The great thing about this course is that you don’t necessarily have to do the tasks in numerical order which is what I like. As any crocheter knows, some days you just feel like doing just a simple crochet project where you don’t have to put too much thought into it. Other days you feel like working on something more challenging like ‘filet crochet’ where concentration is imperative! I have to say, I haven’t even attempted filet crochet! There’s a first time for everything!

As some of you will know, I’m a crochet designer, specialising in Tunisian and Mosaic crochet, so I’m really looking forward to this diploma where I will learn all aspects of crochet. Yes, that includes filet crochet which is one of the tasks! I would like to share my journey through this process! So here we are……..

My first samples to be submitted for marking! I hope they make the grade!?!

My first 6 samples ready to be submitted

I’m happy with most of them but I’m not sure that my sample #6 ‘a square of triple trebles’ will pass! I guess i’ll have to wait and see…….

This afternoon I took a trip to the post office and sent in my samples. Now i’ve made a start, I’ll continue to work on the next batch as soon as I can!

Bye for now!……..

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