Tunisian Crochet – working the ‘Simple Stitch’ (TSS)

Tunisian Simple Stitch

One of the most common stitches used in Tunisian Crochet is the ‘simple stitch‘. In most cases it is the first stitch that we learn and is easy to create.

As with all stitches in Tunisian Crochet, we begin with a ‘foundation row’. Once this is complete, we can begin to work our ‘simple stitch‘.

For this tutorial, I have already completed the foundation row.
You can see that we already have the first stitch of the row to be worked, on the hook, as a result of completing the foundation row so we miss the first vertical bar which is the one directly under the first loop.
We begin by inserting the hook under the second vertical bar.
Next, bring the working yarn over the hook. This is called ‘yarn over‘.
We now have to pull the yarn through this loop.
You should now have two loops on the hook. The first loop made by working the foundation row and the next loop which is the ‘simple stitch‘ that you have just created.
Continue working into each vertical bar in the same way until you have one vertical bar remaining. Using this example, I have worked into 12 vertical bars.
We now have to work the ‘end stitch‘. Place the hook under the last vertical bar and also the vertical bar behind. You should now have two vertical bars on the hook. Next, work a ‘yarn over‘ and pull through both loops.
You have now completed the end stitch. There will always be a slight gap between the two loops on the hook. To complete the ‘simple stitch‘, the ‘return pass‘ must be worked.
You have now completed the Simple Stitch in Tunisian Crochet.

Please see my tutorial on ‘working the Foundation Row’ which will include how to do the ‘return pass’.

Happy crocheting!!!

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