Tunisian Crochet Flower Series – Rose

My new edition to my flower series is the ‘rose‘.

The rose is a perennial flowering plant from the Rosaceae family. There are over 300 types. You will often see roses in a flower bed as a shrub. There are also climbing roses which look beautiful when they cover a wall and also trailing roses that can be used in a hanging basket.

The rose is also used as a symbol of ‘love’.

Tunisian Crochet Rose

The main flower on my rose design is made up of three sections. I then made two leaves which I attached to a circular base both made in a green yarn before attaching the base to the bottom of the flower.

All my flowers are designed in Tunisian Crochet which can be made using a standard crochet hook as well as a Tunisian crochet hook.

I’m planning to do more roses in different colours and then attach them to a summer wreath.

Another project on my to do list.

A summer wreath!

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